Rules & regulations


1. The following age-restrictions are applied for each category;

  • U12: players born in or after 2005
  • U13: players born in or after 2004
  • U15: players born in or after 2002

vvBaronie might play with 1 age group older in U12

English teams are allowed to included players up to 31st of August year after above indicated, according to FA regulations.

2. All participating teams must deliver a full list of players to the tournament organization with name, date of birth, local football asociation registration number and playing number

3. Per participating team a maximum of 19 players is allowed

4. Within the group phase, each team plays one time against each other team. Afterwards semi-finals and finals are played.

5. Opening of the tournament day will take place half an hour prior to the first match and all teams must be present on the main pitch.

6. Games will be played on 2 fields per tournament day. This year both fields will be on artificial grass.

7. U12, U13 and U14 will play 11-a-side on a regular pitch.

8. Duration of the games is:

  • U12, U13 and U15: 2×12,5 minutes

9. Goalkeeper kicks:

  • U12, U13: on 16 meter line
  • U15: on 5 meter line

10. Corner:

  • U12, U13: 9,15 meter mark from corner
  • U15: at the corner

11. A maximum of 5 changes is allowed per match. U12 and U13 are allowed to bring back a player who has been withdrawn before.

12. If, within the group, the teams end with the same amount of points, goal difference will decide the final ranking. If goal difference is equal, the number of goals scored will decide. If that is equal, the result of the mutual match decide. If that is also equal, 3 penalties will be taken, according to rule number 13.

13. After the group phase, all matches, when ending in a draw, will be decided by taking 3 penalties each. If after 3 penalties, there is still a draw, each team will take another penalty, until there is a difference achieved. In the final matches, at a draw, prior to penalty shoot-out, an extension of 5 minutes is played first.

14. All matches are lead by KNVB referees. Each team has to facilitate one linesman per match.

15. When a player receives a direct red card, he is excluded for 1 or 2 additional matches, up to the evaluation of the tournament committee. When a player receives a second yellow card within the tournament, he is excluded for 1 match. Every extra card is one further exclusion.

16. Appeal against the sanctions (cards, exclusions etc.) is not possible.

17 In each tournament class, next to a price for the winning team, a price is given to the best player and best goalkeeper. Furthermore there is a price for the top-scorer of the tournament.

18. Baronie is not liable for any damages or theft of any belongings of participants or public at the venue.

19. Ceremony will take place directly after the final match. All participants are required to present themselves at the ceremony.

20. In all cases, that these rules have not provided for, the tournament committee will decide. For any doubts or more information on the rules and regulations, please contact the tournament committee during tournament days.